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      FAQ -- Agency Commission

      • What is the standard payment schedule and leasing term for Beijing properties?

      • Who pays the agency commission?

      • What are common things included in the rental price?

      • What are common things not included in the rental price?

      • Can the apartment come furnished?

      • Can I get foreign TV channels in my property?

      • Do many landlords allow pets inside accommodations?

      • What are the regulations for pets in Beijing?

      • What are common tricks to look out for in the contract?

      • What are the advantages and disadvantages in signing a long-term lease?

      • If my landlord sells my apartment while I’m still living in it, what happens to me? What are my rights?

      • If something unexpected happens and I need to break my contract, how can I do so and still get my security deposit back?

      • How and when do I get my security deposit back once I have moved out of the apartment?

      • Where can I find a trustworthy/reliable ayi and driver?

      • How long does it take to register my residence with the local police station? What do I have to do?

      • How can I best prevent the Beijing pollution from invading my home? What kind of air purifiers are the best for dealing with Beijing pollution?

      • Is there any shuttle bus for kids to school?

      • What comes with a normal apartment or villa in terms of kitchen or laundry supply?

      • How long is the process to find a house in Beijing?

      • How do I set up my telephone, internet, water and other utilities?

      • Is it possible to include utilities fees inside my lease contract?

      • Why do I need to ask for “Fapiao”.

      • How can I include parking space, house-keeping and gym club in the lease?

      • Why the rental could be much lower in new compounds?

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